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  • READY STOCK 💕 Our products are manufactured less than 6 months ago and will be expired by end of 2022.We are the ONLY Authorized Distributor in Malaysia for this product, (certificate attached in the picture),Original product imported directly from Korea manufacturer.(Do not buy cheap but fake products outside,spot the difference in the pictures and the following link https://spotoriginalunny.carrd.co)

(现货)100%正品 韩国热销UNNY Club温和卸妆水500ml
READY STOCK 💕 我们的产品都在6个月前生产,产品有效期将于2022年底。

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UNNY Club Mild Cleansing Water is a one-step cleanser that removes fine dust from your skin precious. Let your skin breathe better after a long-day covered in makeup and release your nature of beauty.

Thorough Cleansing
Green Tea infusion helps clear up and smooth skin, cleansing the face of makeup and dirt.

2-in-1 Function
Both cleanses and moisturizes at once, preventing skin from drying after wash.

Pore Care
Deep pore cleansing to prevent oily skin.

Recommend for people who:
* Want to remove fine dust, and other dirt from skin.
* Want mild, sensitive cleansing
* Want easy one-step cleansing
* Dislike multi-step cleansing

How to use
1. Place sufficient amount of product onto cotton pad.
2. Pat on skin until all dirt and makeup is removed.
3. When removing eye makeup, press for 5-10 seconds to dissolve makeup before gently wiping away the residue.
4. No need to wash with water but you may rins lightly if you choose to do so.

UNNY Club温和卸妆水是个一步式的清洁霜,能够完善地清除肌肤上细小的灰尘。即使化了一整天的妆,您的肌肤依然可以更好地呼吸,并释放您的美感。
• 深层洁净注入绿茶成分并有助于清洁和抚平肌肤,清洁脸部和污垢。
• 二合一功能既清洁又保湿,可防止洗后肌肤干燥。
• 毛孔护理深层清洁毛孔,防止油性肌肤。
推荐给 :* 想清除肌肤上的细尘与其他污垢* 想要温并深层的洁净* 想要简单的一步式洁净* 不喜欢多步洁净
使用方法:1. 在棉垫上倒上适量的产品。2. 轻拍肌肤,直至去除所有污垢和化妆品。3. 卸除眼妆时,按压5-10秒以溶解化妆品,再轻轻擦去残留物。4. 无需用水清洗,但也可依据个人喜好,轻轻地冲洗。


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