How to tell your Jade Roller is Real…

We’re going to be completely transparent with you, unless your jade roller costs thousands of dollars, your roller is probably made from nephrite or jadeite. Anyone that markets their jade roller is 100% pure jade is lying to you as pure jade can cost several thousands of dollars.
That’s not to say your jade roller is considered “fake.” People all define “real jade” a bit differently. There are many varieties of jade that are all different in terms of hardness, color, and polish. 75% of the world’s most common jade comes from British Columbia and Taiwan.
Most of the brands out their selling jade rollers use imitation jade such as:
Serpentine – Most commonly used in jade rollers. Synthetically treated to pass off as real jade!
Malaysian Jade – Chemically dyed and processed
Opaque dolomite marble – Heavily dyed with synthetic materials. No irregularities. Too perfect to be considered to have the natural properties of jade.
Biggest Takeaway that Your Jade Roller is Actually Made of Serpentine
The color of your jade roller will change over time. Serpentine, otherwise known as Xiuyu jade is a very soft mineral that will break down in composition and color. If you notice the color of your jade roller fading or looking duller, it’s been likely heavily processed with chemicals to make the serpentine pass off as “expensive looking” jade.


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